Compiler of the (relevant) technical documentation on the declarations

Since the new machinery directive 2006/42/EC taking effect, on the Conformity / Declaration of Incorporation the name and the adress of the person which is authorized to assemble the technicial documents has to be quoted.


Who could be the Assembler?


Every natuarally or corporate body could get authorized by the manufacturer.

This person has to be located in the european union.

Which responsibility has the compiler to bear ?



This person is only for the assembling of the documents and for the transmission to the competent authorities on demand.

The assembler doesn’t assume the liability/ responsibility for the construction, content of calculations, drawings, risk assessements and he don’t have to sign the declaration

The special technical / technical documentation, after the date of preparation of the (incomplete) machine - or for series production after the date of completion of the last unit - available for at least ten years and submitted to the competent authorities of the Member States upon request.

How does a manufacturer outside the European Union?


The manufacturer of machinery outside the European Union must be a natural or legal person INSIDE the European Union as a compiler / or warrant in such activity can also take the "Agents" of the manufacturer.

What is the scope of the relevant / specific technical documentation? 


By issuing a CE Declaration of Conformity it has to be claimed and kept by the compiler / in the technical documentation referred to Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, ANNEX VII A.

  1. The technical documentation include:
  2. a) the technical documentation with the following information and documents:
  • a general description of the machine,
  • the overall drawing of the machine and the schematics of the control circuits, as well as descriptions and explanations which are necessary for the understanding of the operation of the machine,
  • full detailed drawings, possibly, calculation notes, test results, certificates, etc. that are necessary for checking the conformity of the machinery with the essential health and safety requirements
  • the documentation on risk assessment, showing what procedure was applied; this includes:

    i) a list of the essential health and safety requirements which apply to the machinery

    ii) a description of to eliminate identified hazards or measures taken to reduce risk protection measures and, where appropriate, an indication of the risk posed by the machine residual risks
  • the standards and other technical specifications, with the covered by these standards essential health and safety requirements,
  • any technical report with the results of the tests carried out by the manufacturer or by a body chosen by the manufacturer or his authorized representative,
  • a copy of the instructions of the machine,
  • Where appropriate, the declaration of incorporation for partly completed machinery and the assembly instructions for such machinery,
  • If applicable, a copy of the EC declaration of conformity for built into the machine or other products,
  • a copy of the EC declaration of conformity

    b) for series manufacture, the internal measures taken to ensure the machinery remains in conformity with the provisions of this Directive ....

    (Source: Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, Annex VII A)

Where should I place the storage?

When issuing a declaration of incorporation must result (s) the relevant / specific technical documentation in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, demand and keep ANNEX VII B.

The file does not have to be located in the territory of the Community and not have to be permanently available. However, you have to be collected by the nominee, according to the complexity of the documents within a reasonable period of time (approximately 10 to 30 days) and made available.