European Standards and Technical Specifications / Technical Reports

In the past years the european standardisation institute has published additional Technical Spesifications (TS) and Technical Reports (TR) in addition to the european standards.

Thereby there are the following differences between the types of publication:

European Standard (EN)

An European Standard is a accepted standard by CEN (European Comittee for Standardization) CENELEC (European Committee for electrotechnical Standardization) or ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). This standards are connected with the obligation to get assumed on the national level by given a state of an national standard while opposing standards get withdrwan.

Technical Specification (TS)

A Technical Specification is a document which may have the possibility of becoming a European Standard in the future. Currently it doesn´t get enough support by the assumption as EN. If there are doubts about a consent or if the concerning issue is in the technical development.

Examples of Technical Specification:

  • CEN/TS 14972 Fixed firefighting systems - Watermist systems - Design and installation
  • CEN/TS 13001-3-5 Cranes - General design - Part 3-5: Limit states and proof of competence of forged hooks
  • CEN/TS 81-11 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Basics and interpretations - Part 11: Interpretations related to EN 81 family of standards
  • CLC/TS 61496-3 Safety of machinery - Electro-sensitive protective equipment - Part 3: Particular requirements for Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices responsive to Diffuse Reflection (AOPDDR)
  • CLC/TS 62046 Safety of machinery - Application of protective equipment to detect the presence of persons

Technical Report (TR)

A Technical Report is a document which contains informative material for example datafrom surveys among national members or data about the state of art from an certain department.

Examples of Technical Report:

  • CEN/TR 764-6 Pressure equipment - Part 6: Structure and content of operating instructions
  • CEN/TR 14715 Safety of machinery - Ionizing radiation emited by machinery - Guidance for the application of technical standards in the design of machinery in order to comply with legislative requirements
  • CEN/TR 15281 Guidance on inerting for the prevention of explosions


Examples of other forms of publication can be found on the website Beuth