Modification of machines

When did i need a new CE marking?

Many practical examples show over and over again, that not every machine manufacturer or machine operator is also about the question when a renewed
CE marking in the case of a machine rebuild is necessary. Is a CE mark for connecting a new conveyor system to an existing installation necessary? Is an assembly of several machines or other equipment (existing and new) to an automated line a significant change? Is the installation of a powerful discharge system in a tank / pulper or a silo / tank-increase a reason enough for a renewed CE marking my system?

The graphics created by Telo gives a rough overview of the necessary activities:

Decision about a possible necessary CE-marking, will be detect by the implementation of an risk assesment which was claimed in the blue book
How did we differentiate a essential between an not essential change?

  • Will the performance raising?
    (Upgrating): For example the speed oft he machine get raised about 40 %.
  • Is the intended use changing?
    (Change of the function): for example the machine doesn’t get loaded by hand
  • Are new adjuvants used?
    (Materials / substances): eg: to improve the quality of hazardous chemicals are added to the process, such as water-peroxide, sulfur dioxide, these chemicals can either make nerve gas, an exothermic reaction to cause it to explode.
  • Are there new harzards or did the risk get higher?
    (Risk increase): eg: A tank with discharge system is increased, so that it can be filled with a double amount = increase in risk. A steam supply to the machine / system may represent a new danger.

Arising from these considerations hazards that can not be eliminated by "safety guards," a new CE conformity assessment procedures for the rebuilt machine / equipment must be carried out.