New EU directives 2016!


   NEW EU directives 2016!  


Starting April 20 2016, the new EU Directives

  •     Directive 2014/29/EU simple pressure vessel instead of 2009/105/EC
  •     Directive 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) instead of 2004/108/EC
  •     Directive 2014/32/EU for the provision of measuring instruments on the market instead of 2004/22/EC
  •     Directive 2014/33/EU on lifts and safety components for lifts instead of 95/16/EC
  •     Directive 2014/34/EU for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX instead 94/9 /EC
  •     Directive 2014/35/EU for the provision of electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits on the market (Low Voltage Directive) instead of 2006/95/EC
  •     etc.

apply. These replace the previous Directives (see above in BLUE).

Starting 19 July 2016, the new Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU replace the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
The new CE-Directives were published in order to adapt the Directives to the new framework for the marketing of products (rules of the Legislative Framework).
This adaptation includes i.a. the new article "responsibilities of importers."

What does that mean for you?

- In the new Directives, the requirement for a risk analysis and assessment is now EXPLICIT situated. In the previous Low Voltage Directive it's said ", it must ensure compliance with .... " so is now in Annex III - Module A - 2. Technical documentation" ... an appropriate risk analysis and evaluation required ".

- You will probably need to rewrite your declarations of conformity. With the "old" Directive-Number your declarations are invalid!

- In your orders and contracts to / with suppliers and customers, the demand for the new guidelines should be provided.

- You must pay attention to the declarations provided by the supplier that the new Directives are included on it.
If not, you will have invalid declarations in your technical documentation.


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