New Ordinance on Industrial Safety in GERMANY

From 01.06.2015 occurs in Germany, the new regulation about safety and health Protection in the use of work equipment (Ordinance on Industrial Safety) in force.

The regulation is available on the website of the BMAS.

The corresponding technical rules for Industrial Safety (TRBS) reflect the state of the art, occupational medicine, hygiene, appropriate rules and other sound knowledge for the provision and use of work equipment, and the operation of installations requiring supervision.

The Technical Rules define, inter alia, the use (Ordinance on Industrial Safety) concerning the identification and assessment of hazards as well as the derivation of appropriate measures.

Some important technical rules for Industrial Safety (TRBS):

  • TRBS 1111 risk assessment and safety evaluation
  • TRBS 1201 inspections of work equipment and systems requiring monitoring
  • TRBS 2111 Mechanical hazards - General requirements
  • TRBS 2141 threats by steam and pressure - General requirements
  • TRBS 2152 Dangerous explosive atmospheres - General