New requirements on Emergency stop

  New requirements on Emergency stop 

In at least 6 months, the newly issued *) E-STOP standard EN ISO 13850: 2015 Safety of machinery – Emergency stop function – Principles for design  becomes valid.


What are the main changes compared to NOW?


  • The design of the emergency stop equipment (safety-related parts of control systems, such as input, processing and output elements that perform the emergency stop function) must be conform the minimum Performance Level PL c or Safety Integrity Level SIL 1. The definitions of higher requirements, such as E-STOP in Paper machines, Pulpers, etc. in a type-C standard have of course priority over this requirement in PL c or SIL 1.


  • Determination of the span of control of emergency stop device and labeling of the span of control of an emergency stop device at the operating position. Information for use / Instructions of the machine shall include also information on the span of control of emergency stop device!


  • In the newly issued standard the field of vision of the operator plays again a main role by preparing an emergency stop concept for plants (assembly of machinery)


  • Red pushbuttons instead mushroom-type pushbuttons on a yellow background, avoidance of emergency stop pushbuttons with key on the actuator to be disengaged (unlatched)


  • Detailed description and argumentation of the installation of emergency stop devices at specific locations of the machine within the risk assessment (entrance and exit locations, loading / unloading zone, ...)


  • Generation of an emergency stop command when the wire or rope is slack or is broken or disengaged.


 *)  Publisher is CEN,  the European Committee for Standardization. CEN National Standardization Bodies have 6 months to implement European Standards in National Standards from their publishing date.

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