Subtle but important differences for labeling machines according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC within Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Council created a Council Regulation no. 819.14 on the safety of machines (machines regulation MaschV) which regulates the manufacture and supply of machinery within Switzerland.


Quotes from: Notes on the draft Regulation on Safety of machinery (819.14 Regulation of 2 April 2008 on Safety of machinery)

3. Explanation of the various provisions of the Regulation on Safety of machinery (Machinery Directive) Introduction: The references to the articles of the Machinery Directive, thus including the attachments referenced therein the Machinery Directive. It thus covers all attachments except Annex 3 (CE marking), Annex 11 (minimum criteria for the designation of bodies) and Annex 12 (correlation table). The CE marking can not be required in Switzerland.


4. Between the proposed Swiss law and the European system: For the purposes of equivalence under bilateral agreements Switzerland - EC on the mutual recognition of conformity assessment is only waived the requirement for CE marking, as this sign of EC and therefore belongs in Switzerland can not be prescribed. Even though Switzerland is not required by attaching the CE mark, so it does not prohibit under EC law correctly attached CE mark, making this law derogation has no negative legal effect.


From these quotations can be stated that ae under Article 5, paragraph 1 of the point f is omitted and therefore the affixing of a CE mark within Switzerland fell. However, this endbindet not the manufacturer of machines, a conformity assessment according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC to perform.

Correlation of expressions and of decrees:

EC-Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity

EC Examination certificate

Examination certificate

EC model checking

model checking

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