After a long-time experience in worldwide acting corporate groups with chemical and engineering industries, Mr. Christian Loidl decided to establish his own engineering office in 1994.

TeLo´s hour of birth

Resulting from the internal need, right from the start, the office kept busy with the technical-legal requirements on proprietary development as well as trade goods. In the founding year Mr. Loidl got an offer from the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Styria and Austria for a consultancy contract in the special field of technical EU-legislation – CE-marking, which was also implemented.

The primary main focus of TeLo, plastics and plastic-engine-construction, got displaced by consulting concerning “technical legislation” soon.

That shows, that the market has been searching for a technical competent, special-field-comprehensive institution with fundamental legal knowledge and practical solution-helping at the same time. The Machinery Directive came into force in 1995 and at the same time TeLo took a stand as one of the leading private Austrian companies in the field of safety-related EU-directives.

To deepen the knowledge about legal interpretation of laws and liability, Mr. Loidl graduated a training and an exam for the general sworn and court certified expert (for plastics machines).

As a reason of the frequent necessity of “notified bodies” (in Brussels appointed testing laboratories) in connection with EU-directives and to offer the customers of TeLo a better and more efficient support in contacting the testing laboratories, Mr. Loidl also graduated the training to the assessor for accredited laboratories according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 (EN 45001-EN 45003) by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.

By 16 December 2010 the individual business TeLo (Technical Office Christian Loidl) was renamed into a GmbH.

Today, in 2018, the project team of Telo GmbH includes a total of 14 employees, who are taking part in continuing training in order to be competent in their specialist fields.

We cooperate with agencies such as ministries, AUVA, German BG, SUVA and IBExU in Central Europe to be able to offer comprehensive advice closely for our customers.

In the last few years, the company Telo GmbH succeeded in expanding the scope of activities of Austria on the entire European space. We also assist clients in deliveries in the United States under American law.

Listening to all the concerns of our customers, our flexibility and expertise have made ​​the TeLo GmbH a strong partner.