We train your employees – from the technician/operator to the manager – customized on your needs in all mentioned special fields so you can provide your employees a high level of safety at their working place.

When is an employee liable for a defect? How dangerous is the Human-Machine-Interface? When is an authorization process of operational facilities necessary? Does my buying agent or provider know relating to safety requirements/interface responsibility whereon he or she should pay attention to while buying a new machine? When do I have to make a CE marking for my plant and machinery backfitting and what exactly is my task then?

Ignorance is no excuse!

  •  General information on CE marking

  •  Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  •  ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

  •  Functional safety (EN ISO 13849-1/2, EN 62061, EN61511)

  •  Compliance with the Work Equipment Directive / national implementation regulations / legal requirements for modifications

  •  Damage and accident analysis

  •  Security and crisis management


We offer you:

Individual schoolings, tutorials, workshops and coaching adapted to your wishes regardless of whether in small or large groups, in your company, in an extern location or at our place.
Through a close cooperation with for example The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber we are present at many prestigious events as contributors. Furthermore we can share our knowledge as tutors at the University of Applied Science (FH Campus Vienna), we constantly absorb new ideas and experiences and incorporate these inputs in our presentations.

Practical example

The authority notes on a machinery during an inspection in a factory that among others the declaration of conformity is missing and the delivery manifests formal deficiencies. The result is that the authority prohibits the operation of the machinery until the missing documents are handed in. Because of an incorrect contractual agreement (inadequate definition of the purpose/appropriate use) with the supplier the machinery is down for more than 2 months. Could this have been prevented at the order of the machinery?

If the buying agent had been trained on which points in a contract he has to have a special focus on respectively which standards and directives should have been used and should be strictly adhered, the high downtime costs because of the long downtime of the machinery could have been prevented in advance.

Reach your goals together

Not only the knowledge about details but especially the understanding of the coherences whole lead to an efficient targeted solution. For that reason we individually adapt our schoolings to your needs so that we can be the ideal person of contact for you!