As we don't have to explain to you, technical systems - from the smallest machine component to large production plants - are becoming more and more complex. However, in order to guarantee the safety of people and the environment and to protect themselves against economic damage, industry is increasingly investing in the safety of these systems.

You will certainly also pay attention in your company to ensure the highest level of safety for your employees and customers. In addition to measures such as internal company training and the safety assignment of qualified employees, the part-time Master's programme "Safety and Systems Engineering" at the FH Campus Wien offers the opportunity to receive comprehensive, systematic training at an academic level in precisely this special field.

The Master's programme "Safety and Systems Engineering" closes a gap in the training landscape. As the name suggests, the programme deals with interdisciplinary, system-oriented methods in safety engineering, risk management, project and process management as well as law and business administration.
Numerous external cooperation partners provide the relevant expertise. Among them are several top Austrian companies that deal with functional safety and system safety of technical systems - one of them is TeLo GmbH.

TeLo has two guest lecturers on board as cooperation partners of the course of studies: Managing Director Christian Loidl and Technical Director Dr. Wolfgang Lechner. Your company will also ultimately benefit from the cooperation with TeLo from employees who have completed the master's degree course "Safety and Systems Engineering". From the same knowledge point of view, you will reach your goal even faster together with TeLo and find the best practice-oriented solutions for your company.

The course turns its graduates from technicians in a specialist field into safety experts for cross-technology, safety-critical, complex systems.

Perhaps you already have someone in your team in mind who is interested in this training and can use it professionally. If so, take advantage of the opportunity now.

You can find more information about the "Safety and Systems Engineering" degree program and the corresponding application options here.
If you have any questions, TeLo GmbH or FH-Prof. Dr. Hans Tschürtz, MSc MSc of the FH Campus Wien will be happy to help.