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Preis online: 900 € inkl. MwSt.
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30 Personen
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FH-Prof. Dr. Hans Tschürtz MSc MSc

Leiter Kompetenzzentrum Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering und Studiengangsleiter Safety and Systems Engineering
FH-Prof. Dr.

Registration / Organisation

Martina Loidl, BSc
+43 3113 5115 21
martina.loidl [at]

Marie Pribyl, BSc
+43 3113 5115 45
marie.pribyl [at]

Do you want to carry out FMEAs efficiently? In this training you will get to know the classic and the harmonized FMEA and deepen them by means of examples with high practical relevance.
Please note that it is possible to book the complete package or to deepen on the classical or harmonized FMEA.

1. introduction and basics

  • FMEA in project and quality management
  • System theory and system delimitation
  • Fault terminology
  • Basics of FMEA
  • Preparation, execution and follow-up
  • Practical exercise example

2. Classic FMEA - focus on CE markings

  • FMEA and derivatives
  • Risk Management
  • FMEA in safety-relevant areas
  • Realistic practical example

3. harmonized FMEA (AIAG - VDA)

  • Introduction and background
  • Planning aspects in projects
  • Concepts of the system theory
  • Functions of functional requirements
  • 7-step approach of the harmonized FMEA
  • Realistic practical example

4. Workshop on harmonized FMEA

  • Implementation of a practical example in the context of a workshop

Target group and prerequisites
The seminar is aimed at system engineers, developers, process and quality managers, manufacturers, distributors and operators of technical systems, project and safety managers for plants, product managers, project managers in the safety-relevant field and generally at persons interested in the safety of technical systems.
Please note that for modules 2 and 3 the introductory module and for module 4 module 3 is valid as an access requirement!

For a group registration we give you a discount of 10%! So if you want to register more than one person, please contact us so that we can send you the discount code.
For students there is a discount of € 100,- upon presentation of the confirmation of study!

Number of participants
The max. number of participants for this seminar on-site is 10 persons. Virtually, there is a limit of 20 people. Registrations will be ranked on a first come, first serve basis.

Course Completion
After completing the training, you will receive a certificate of attendance from us.

Please note that our open training courses are generally held in German. However, it is of course possible to hold individual in-house training sessions in English. Feel free to contact us at anmeldung [at] to arrange an appointment.

Booking options
The following packages are available for you to choose from (virtual or on-site in each case):

classic FMEA 22.-23.07.2021 2 days
harmonized FMEA 22. and 29.-30.07.2021 3 days
Comple package FMEA 22.-23. and 29.-30.07.2021 4 days

For questions regarding an individual booking of single modules please contact anmeldung [at]