About us

One Team - One Mission

What does TeLo mean?
TeLo is an abbreviation of "Technisches Büro Loidl", which was founded in 1994 by our head Christian Loidl. In 2010, the sole proprietorship "TeLo technisches Büro Christian Loidl" was rebranded to TeLo GmbH.
What does TeLo deal with?
TeLo deals with all technical-legal issues and, more importantly, with their solutions. We support our customers not only throughout Europe, but also with machines & plants (deliveries) to America with all questions around the topics CE marking, machine and pressure equipment directive, explosion protection or are active as an interface to the appropriate authorities. All our services are listed in the menu of the same name.
Who works at TeLo?
In Austria we would probably say "a gmischter Haufn" (= a mixed group of people) to our team. And indeed, young and dynamic ones work hand in hand with older and experienced people. Our team consists of safety and systems engineers, chemists, automation engineers, mechanical engineers, process engineers and mechatronics engineers, who are all highly trained specialists in their field and yet never lose sight of the big picture.
And our manager?
As a generally sworn and court-certified expert, as well as an surveyor for accreditations of testing laboratories and a lecturer at the FH Campus Vienna in the Master's programme "Safety and Systems Engineering", Christian Loidl can not only guarantee solutions at the highest technical level in the field of safety of machinery and system safety, but due to his many years of national and international experience of constructing plants he also brings with him a holistic understanding of complex technical and technological interrelationships and with it the associated competence of solving problems.