In order to prevent future hazards following a damaging event and the associated consequences, we systematically determine the cause of the damage. On the basis of the knowledge gained in this way, we prepare private expert opinions as well as expert opinions for authorities and insurance companies. These documents can also serve as a basis for necessary changes in the safety concept of the product concerned.

Did an (near) accident jolt you that you want to undergo your plants a safety check to afford your employees a safe work at the machines? Are you as the manager/technical leader insecure if the product which you bought or produced complies with the technical specification and current technical rules? Who in your company has recording this matter the responsibility? Did you regard all technical interfaces respectively process risks at you complex plants? Can you rely on that not the costs but the risk reduce in due consideration of the intended use at your applied protective measures is ranked first?

Experience matters!

For more than 25 years we deal with the requirements and the implementation of standards and legal regulations in various machine areas, from process plants and steel industry to paper-, foil- and plastic products up to high technological individual machines.
To get an answer to the questions raised on top, an independent analysis of the situation in due consideration of the different information sources (directives, regulations, standards, inclusion of constructers, operators and maintenance staff etc.) is necessary.
These information act as a foundation at the evaluation of the technical completion – only by this an objective expert opinion can be made.

  • Reference to the relevant legal or standard bodies

  • Personal opinion and recommendations (as far as possible) are excluded  

  • The prepared documents are clear structured and the results easy to understand

  • TeLo-safety reports act as an evidence for the adherence of the regulations in case of authority claims

Reach your goals together

Together with us, you will prevent (further) accidents and thus make a significant contribution to the safety of your company. We will work together with you to master the official procedures following an accident. Get in touch with us!