Aus der Welt der Normen: Neue CEN ISO/TR 22100-4:2020

Der Technische Bericht im Zusammenhang mit ISO 12100 soll Maschinenherstellern eine Hilfestellung bezüglich möglichen Sicherheitsaspekten, inbesondere IT-Sicherheit, wenn die Maschine zum ersten Mal in Betrieb genommen bzw. in Verkehr gebracht wird, liefern. Informationen darüber was ein CEN ISO/TR - 4:2020 ist und was er beinhalten soll, finden Sie hier.

Fehlende Schutzvorrichtungen bei unvollständigen Maschinen - was tun?

Darf ich eine Maschine aufgrund fehlender Schutzeinrichtungen als „unvollständigen Maschine“ Inverkehrbringen?

Wissen Sie unter welchen Umständen Sie eine unvollständige Maschine in Verkehr bringen dürfen? Wichtig hierbei ist es, dass die Maschine, in die die unvollständige Maschine eingebaut werden soll, den Bestimmungen der Maschinenrichtlinie 2006/42/EG entspricht! Lesen Sie hier weiter für mehr Infomationen.

Info: Intended use of machines

Here you can find out whether or not your machine is being used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and when you have to check this again.

From the world of standards: All information about EN ISO 19353:2019

In 2019 the standard EN ISO 19353:2019 Safety of machinery - Preventive and protective fire protection was published by the European Standards Institute (CEN). You can find all important information here.

Standards news: New edition of EN ISO 7010:2020

On the 25.03.2020 the new edition of the standard EN ISO 7010:2020 Graphical symbols - Safety colors and safety signs - Registered safety signs was published by the European Standards Institute (CEN). You can find all information about the new features here!

A look behind the curtain: We are in the standards committee for you

Get an insight into our work in various national, European and international standards committees and benefit from our advance!

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Standards news: EN ISO 13857:2019

New edition of EN ISO 13857:2019 Safety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs


Mandatory standards in EU/EC declarations of conformity?

Should standards/regulations be listed on EC/EU Declarations of Conformity - is this advantageous from the point of view of a manufacturer, buyer/operator?


Standards news: EN 1127-1:2019 Explosive atmospheres

With the revision of EN 1127-1:2019 Explosive atmospheres - Explosion prevention and protection - Part 1: Basic concepts and methodology in August 2019 there were also some changes, which we would like to present to you here.

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Explosion protection document - Part 3 of the information series

What must be taken into account when purchasing a machine or plant with regard to the explosion protection document?

News: EN ISO 13854:2019

Do you already know whether the new EN ISO 13854:2019 also applies to your machine? You can find important information about the standard here!

Explosion protection document - Part 2 of the information series

Learn more about the content of an explosion protection document and when it needs to be updated!

EC - Declaration of Conformity - Who, what, when, how?

What must the EC Declaration of Conformity contain and which regulations must be followed? We clarify these and other questions in our two-part article on the subject of the EC Declaration of Conformity.

Explosion protection document - Part 1 of the information series

Are you sure you don't need an explosion protection document? If not, then read Part 1 of our information series on explosion protection documents.

Standards news: EN ISO 20607:2019 - Safety of machinery

Do you regularly need operating instructions for your machines?
Then the new EN ISO 20607:2019 is relevant for you!

Master's Programme Safety and Systems Engineering - FH Campus Wien

A course of studies that might be of interest to you!

As a cooperation partner of the FH Campus Wien, we are pleased to present the "Safety and Systems Engineering" (SSE) course of studies, in which large parts of our range of services are taught.